Wednesday, March 23, 2016

X-ray Status

Working Status of X-ray diffractometers 
No entry after business hours unless you have i-Card access.  
Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., just walk in.

G.L. Clark X-ray facility 2017 Christmas Holiday Schedule:

To accommodate planned power outages during the Christmas break, all instruments will be shut down during the break. Planned maintenance will be performed on some instruments during this down time. Individual instrument schedules are as follows:

APEX: Shut down at 9 a.m. on December 18th for maintenance on the Lytron chiller

DUO: Shut down at 9 a.m. on December 21st for maintenance on the vacuum pump for the optics enclosure, line dryer for the cold stream, and small liquid nitrogen dewar for the cold stream

Miniflex: Shut down at 3 p.m. on December 22nd to drain the water from the Haskris chiller

All instruments are expected to be returned to normal operation by January 3rd, 2018, unless unexpected problems are encountered during the performance of preventative maintenance tasks.

Samples in queue:  0 (updated once a day)

Single crystal diffraction instrumentation
  • D8 Kappa APEXII - OK; Mo Kα radiation.

  • DUO - OK; Mo/Cu Kα radiation.

  •  Rigaku MiniFlex - OK
  • Powder Samples in queue for DUO: 0
  • Multi-sample changer with sample spinner is now installed. Please make sure you are re-trained on how to use the instrument with the new accessory. 
  • Variable temperature stage is now available for temperatures from room temperature up to 150 degrees Celsius (possibly 200 degrees; hasn't been tested that high)